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About Us Oregon E-Bikes
It was an 'Aha' moment. Founder and President Steve Gates was searching for an e-bike to give him a boost on Hood River's hills and see its beautiful scenery while undergoing chemotherapy. Soon his wife wanted an e-bike to extend her rideable distance, and his daughter wanted one to cart around her 3-year old. The lightbulb went off as Steve began his search and saw an opportunity to combine his excitement about e-bikes and his business experience. He had been in the watersport business for 30 years (visit our sister company Big Winds), and knew the recipe for success: passion, knowledge and service. 
Oregon E-Bikes was born out of Steve's vision and our collective love for biking. Our team is dedicated to all things e-bike, and we each have a unique passion for the sport (meet our team). Whether you are on the trails, taking your kids to school or simply out for a cruise, we've got you covered. Our motto here is 'Ride Happy', and we're excited to share our stoke with you. 
OEB Team
Oregon E-Bikes is a premier Hood River, OR electric bike shop offering sales, demos and rentals. Our store was born out of our collective love for biking and being outside. Our team is dedicated to all things electric bike, and we each have a unique passion for the sport. Whether you’d like to escape the noise of Portland and rent one of our e-bikes for the day or purchase an e-bike of your own from anywhere in the US, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Oregon E-Bikes. At our Hood River electric bike shop, we have a motto: Ride Happy. We’re excited to share our stoke with you.

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