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Yuba Yepp Maxi Child Carrier

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Yuba Yepp Maxi Child Carrier

It combines the ultimate cycling stability with comfort and safety by mounting easily behind the bike seat, providing a smooth ride for your little one. Yepp seats are made of a flexible but sturdy rubber material, which ensures both safety and comfort for your child. The material is shock absorbing, antibacterial and easy to clean, and features a high insulation factor and water resistance.



Meets European safety requirements and ASTM standards

5-point harness with user-friendly buckle safely secures the child to the seat

Easily adjustable footrests with straps provide optimal protection

3 rear reflectors ensure visibility (maxi)

Ease of use

Quick and simple to snap into place and detach

Easily secured with integrated anti-theft lock


Antibacterial and easy to clean


Note: The Yepp Maxi Child Carrier is compatible with most bikes, though not all. If you have a question regarding whether your bike is compatible, feel free to give us a call!