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The Nevo GT/GH/GX Series

The all-new Nevo GT/GH/GX series leaves nothing to be desired. Described by Riese & Müller as 'simultaneously sport and resolute,' they have truly delivered with this new iteration of the Nevo. Check out the various models below, and don't hesitate to call us with any questions!

Model Nomenclature

GT. 'Gran Turismo' - comfortable e-bike riding. Perfect on roads or light terrain for day-to-day riding, touring and traveling.

GH. All components at the contact points are even more stable and designed for a permissible total weight of 160kg / 353 lbs. An e-bike for every situation and rider.

GX. Pure riding fun in light terrain with gravel, sand and dirt tracks. Also suitable for all-round and road riding.

Vario. Equipped with the Enviolo continuous hub gear and Gates carbon belt drive.

HS. 'High Speed'. Equipped with the Bosch Performance Speed motor that offers assist up to 28mph.

Nevo GT Series

The Nevo GT/GH/GX Series