Riese & Muller Load4 75 Touring HS '23
Riese & Muller Load4 75 Touring HS '23
Riese & Muller Load4 75 Touring HS '23
Riese & Muller Load4 75 Touring HS '23
Riese & Muller Load4 75 Touring HS '23
Riese & Muller Load4 75 Touring HS '23
Riese & Muller Load4 75 Touring HS '23
Riese & Muller Load4 75 Touring HS '23
Riese & Muller Load4 75 Touring HS '23
Riese & Muller Load4 75 Touring HS '23
Riese & Muller Load4 75 Touring HS '23
Riese & Muller Load4 75 Touring HS '23
Riese & Muller Load4 75 Touring HS '23
Riese & Muller Load4 75 Touring HS '23

Riese & Muller Load4 75 Touring HS '23

$9,819.00 $10,849.00 Sale


Large cargo area coupled with riding enjoyment.

With its l...

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Riese & Muller Load4 75 Touring HS '23

$9,819.00 $10,849.00 Sale



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Large cargo area coupled with riding enjoyment.

With its low centre of gravity, Riese & Müller Control Technology and a huge loading surface, the Load4 75 combines riding dynamics and load options, like no other cargo bike. The strong Bosch Cargo Line motor delivers hitherto unknown power. And the Load4 75 is also extremely reliable, thanks to its high-grade components.

The Load4 75 Touring HS model features:

  • Bosch Smart System
  • Performance Line Speed Motor
  • PowerPack 545
  • Kiox 300 Display
  • Deore XT 11-speed

Riese & Muller Load4 75 Passenger Capability

Safely transport up to three children. The greatest for the little ones.

Up to three children can be comfortably and safely accommodated on the Load 75. Well-protected under a practical cover when it’s raining. One of the children faces the rider while other two sit facing the direction of travel. The extra spacious footwell prevents your passengers from getting in each other’s way, guaranteed to contribute to a relaxed shared riding experience.

Riese & Muller Load4 75 Control Technology

Control Technology. Fun and safety are not mutually exclusive.

Admittedly, not everyone immediately thinks of fun on two wheels when you hear the words “Cargo Bike”. But this changes when you sit on a Load with Control Technology. The optimised chassis and the finely tuned full suspension ensure optimum comfort, safe riding even at higher speeds, excellent road holding and thus top-of-the-range riding dynamics. Vibrations and hard impacts, such as from cobblestones or kerbs, are significantly reduced and you are in control.

Riese & Muller Load4 75 Front Loader E-Bike Cargo Capacity

Flexible load transport and large cargo area. Maximum freedom of transport.

With a 50% larger cargo area than with the “small” Load, everyone’s cargo gets to where it needs to go. Whether camping equipment, the weekly shop, transporting children, or tools and materials for customers who use the Load 75 for business purposes. Virtually everything can be fitted in. And nothing disrupts the safe and agile riding experience. The low centre of gravity, a permitted total weight of up to 200 kg, the many individual cargo equipment options and the sophisticated Control Technology make the Load 75 perfectly configurable for all requirements. This means more possibilities and greater freedom. Whatever you have in mind.

Riese & Muller Load4 75 Front Loader Electric Cargo Bike Safety Equipment

Safety equipment. Long-lasting visibility.

The daytime running light of the ultra-bright Supernova M99 Mini Pro headlamp with main-beam function offers top lighting conditions at night and also increases your visibility during the day. And if you need to stop quickly, the exceptionally bright Supernova M99 Tail Light ensures your safety while the Tektro TRP C 2.3 cargo brake packs quite a punch.

Riese & Muller Load4 75 Adjustable Stem for Multiple Riders

Adjustable seating position. Change riders with ease.

Thanks to the angle- and height-adjustable stem and the adjustable saddle height, the seat position can be altered to accommodate body sizes of from 1.50 m to 1.95 m, and adapted from sporty to comfortable. The overall geometry of the bike can be perfectly adjusted to the rider in just a few easy steps. This flexibility makes the Load ideal for shared use, for example within a family.

Riese & Muller Load4 60 Kiox 300 display upgrade

Kiox 300

The Kiox 300 display is perfect for sporty riders: it displays more than just fitness data, helping riders to optimise their training. It is even possible to pair it with heart rate monitors via Bluetooth. Map-free navigation (only in conjunction with a smartphone) completes the features of the Kiox 300. It can be intuitively operated using the LED Remote on the handlebars.

Riese & Muller Load4 60 725Wh Battery Upgrade

725Wh Battery Upgrade

For longer range than the standard 545Wh.

Riese & Muller Load4 60 GX Option

GX option

If you like riding your E-Bike off-road, then simply equip it with first-class all-terrain tires. The SnakeSkin side wall of the Schwalbe Smart Sam Plus tires guarantees exceptional grip especially when cornering. A 3 mm protective cover around the inner tube provides extra-secure puncture resistance. The wide VP 538 flat pedals provide grip for your feet.

Riese & Muller Load4 60 Carrier Load Rear Rack Upgrade

Carrier Load

If the front storage space is not enough, there is always the optional carrier. It is ideal for attaching panniers, making it perfect for longer bike trips too. Since it is secured directly to the frame, it also benefits from the suspension thanks to Control Technology. On the HS models, the carrier is fitted as standard.

Additional chain lock with bag

Additional chain lock with bag

The sturdy Abus chain lock, in addition to the Abus Shield frame lock, provides twice the security for your E-Bike. The 130 cm long chain is latched onto the frame lock and you can quickly lock your bike to the nearest lamppost or lock it together with up to three other bikes. The chain thickness of 6 mm ensures a high level of anti-theft protection. Especially practical: frame lock, chain lock and battery lock all use the same key. The bag is firmly attached to the saddle and allows quick and easy removal of the chain lock thanks to its ergonomic shape and Fidlock magnetic closure. Please note: for smaller frame sizes the lowest saddle position may not be usable when the lock bag is fitted.

Riese & Muller Load4 75 Low Sidewalls Cargo Accesories

Low Sidewalls $87

The Low sidewalls option is not available with "Utility Box" or "IDIT Box" options.

Riese & Muller Load4 75 High sidewalls with tarpaulin

High sidewalls with tarpaulin $270

High sidewalls can be used for securely transporting larger loads. The strong tarpaulin conceals your cargo and protects it from dirt and rain. When it's not needed, simply roll it up and lock it at the front.

Riese Muller Load4 77 Cargo Accessory Options

High sidewalls with hard cover $324

The high side walls with hard cover are ideal for protecting larger loads during transport. Lockable and firmly bolted in place, the cover reliably secures your transport goods. It can be locked in a partially opened position and two comfortable, separate seats can be fitted in the storage space for optionally transporting children.

Riese & Muller Load4 75 Child Cover Cargo Accessories

Low side walls with child cover $647

Children can easily get to their seat with low sidewalls – and yet are still well protected on the road. The practical cover protects them from stones, dirt and rain and can be opened at the sides in summer for an optimum, cooling supply of fresh air.

Riese Muller Load4 75 double child seat

Two child seats $216

Two comfortable height-adjustable child seats for two children. The seats can also be fitted individually and centrally. Padded 5-point belts guarantee excellent safety for your children, while the footwell provides plenty of comfort. Equipment available only in conjunction with side walls. Please observe national regulations for the transport of children on bikes before using.

Riese Muller Child Passenger Cargo Accessory Options Load4 75

Three child seats with footwell $593

Two separate seats side by side and a single seat at the front enable up to three children to be carried. 5-point belts ensure greater safety. Longer journeys are no longer a problem, thanks to the optimum layout, comfortable and adjustable seating positions and the footwell. Please observe national regulations for the transport of children on bikes before using.

Riese & Muller Load4 75 Passenger Accessory Options

Three child seats with footwell, front luggage shelf $701

Two separate seats side by side and a single seat at the front enable up to three children to be carried safely. Adjustable seating positions and a footwell ensure greater comfort. Instead of the third child seat, you can also use an extra luggage rack that offers additional storage space. Please observe national regulations for the transport of children on bikes before using.

Riese & Muller Load4 75 Utility Box

Utility Box $1,402

The lockable Utility Box made of weather-resistant polypropylene holds 270 litres and features a modern honeycomb structure. The material is extremely robust and made of 100% recycled plastic. Its edge protection profile with sealing rubber prevents water from penetrating into the box, while gas compression springs make it easier to open and close it.

Riese & Muller Load4 75 IDIT Box Cargo Accessory

IDIT Box $3,234

The IDIT Box is functional and yet features an attractive design, while offering a lockable storage compartment holding 175 litres. The two-section cover enables the box to be conveniently opened and closed and is held securely open by spring-opening hinges. Ventilation openings, interior lighting and a washable hygienic inlay complete the box. The MOLLE system is also available to fasten accessories in place.

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