Get Ready to Ride Happy!


Your new e-bike is on its way! Here are a few tips to get it dialed and Ready to Ride when it arrives.

Start by removing your new ride from the box and admiring it. You’re about to make so many memories together!


Install Pedals

  1. Find your Left and Right pedals by looking for the L and R stamps at the end of the spindle.
  2. Install the pedals by threading them into the crank TOWARDS the front of the bike. BEWARE! This is NOT “righty tighty lefty loosey” on the left pedal
  3. Tighten the pedal down with the appropriate Allan wrench (varies by pedal)

Secure Handlebars

  1. Loosen the stem bolt
  2. Rotate the handlebars upright and line up with wheel
  3. Tighten the stem bolt

*Varies by bike. View the video below for details and contact us for guidance if you have any questions

We're here to walk you through it

Questions & Maintenance Concerns

We're here to help.
Contact us and we’ll either:

A) Assist you remotely using the technology you're comfortable with (phone, text, FaceTime, Zoom, smoke signals, anything!)

B) Connect with a local bike shop or mobile mechanic in your area that can put hands on your bike resolve the issue

Call: 541.386.6086

Text: 541.319.8702



We're here to support you down the road, too.

Enjoy $100 'OEB Bucks' to be used for service needs or e-bike rentals!

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