The Top 5 Electric Cargo Bikes of 2021

The Top 5 Electric Cargo Bikes of 2021

The Top 5 Electric Cargo Bikes of 2021

Ready to cut back on traffic time, parking hassles and carbon emissions? An E-Cargo Bike is your hot ticket! With more brands, models, and customization options than ever before, the perfect ride for your needs is out there. Here are our Top 5 favorites of 2021 to help you find your match.

  1. Best Bang for Your Buck - Yuba Kombi E5
  2. Best Front Loader - Urban Arrow Family
  3. Best Hauler - Yuba Spicy Curry V3 City
  4. Best Undercover Cargo - TIE! Riese & Müller Multicharger and Benno Boost E 10D 
  5. Best Mini-Cargo - Tern HSD

    Yuba Kombi E5 Electric Cargo Bike

    1. Best Bang for Your Buck - Yuba Kombi E5 $3,200

    This “compact” longtail is nimble, snappy and able to haul up to 440lbs of cargo and passengers. Have kiddos, a date, a dog, or a load of groceries? Yuba's wide selection of accessories can customize your ride to meet your needs. Zippy with a Shimano motor and battery, comfortable geometry for pilot and passengers, and a friendly wheel size for all riding abilities. It can even be parked vertically to save space. That's a whole lotta cargo bike bang at a very affordable price!

    Psst... we offer a variety of financing options so you can Ride Happy now and spread out your payments over time.

    Shop the Yuba Kombi E5 here.


    Urban Arrow Family E-Cargo Bik

    2. Best Front Loader - Urban Arrow Family $5,999

    The Urban Arrow Family boasts a huge carrying capacity that's surprisingly agile and easy to ride with a long wheel base and low center of gravity. The perfect minivan alternative that's comfy for little and big kids and can even accommodate infants. The best part? You're able to socialize with (and keep an eye on) your most precious cargo while you ride. Some of our go-to add-ons include a Gates belt drive for minimal maintenance and dual battery kit for extra range!

    Shop the Urban Arrow Family here.


    Yuba Spicy Curry City

    3. Best Hauler - Yuba Spicy Curry V3 City $4,900 

    There's a whole lot to love about this longtail cargo bike. The smaller rear wheel minimizes swing weight in the back... that means a smooth and safe ride for big loads and wiggly kids by keeping them lower to the ground. Now load up 440lbs of carrying capacity, enjoy the comfortable positioning and easy handling for riders under 6' tall, and a customize variety of panniers, baskets, seat pads, and racks to suit your lifestyle! 

    Shop the Yuba Spicy Curry V3 City here.


    R&M Multicharger and Benno Boost E-Bikes

    4. Best Undercover Cargo - TIE! Riese & Müller Multicharger and Benno Boost E 10D 

    If it's a showstopping, not-so-cargo-y cargo bike you're after, take your pick of one of these bad boys.

    Riese and Muller Multicharger Series

    Riese & Müller Multicharger starting at $6,199

    The world is yours to explore on two wheels with passengers or cargo... or BOTH! Make it an off-road beast with knobby tires and a beefy front shock. Customize it with a Gates carbon belt drive with Enviolo or Rohloff internal hub gearing for smooth as butter shifting. Speed demon? Upgrade to the Bosch Speed  Motor for assist up 28mph motor. Long-range rider? Supe it up with one of the dual battery options for even more miles at your fingertips.

    Shop the Riese & Müller Multicharger here.

    Benno Boost E 10D

    Benno Boost E 10D $4,950

    Is there a cooler looking bike out there? We think not! The 24" wheel size is unique and offers a really fun, nimble ride. Enjoy speeds up to 28mph with the Bosch Speed Motor and pack two kiddos and your cargo without the footprint of a long-tail. With high-step and step-through frames, a variety of sweet colors, and dozens of possible configurations to suit your mission, prepare to Ride Happy in style! Check out Bike Rumor's rave review for more Boost configuration inspiration.

    Shop the Benno Boost E 10D here.


    Tern HSD Mid-Size Cargo BIke

    5. Best Mini-Cargo - Tern HSD starting at $3,499

    Small but mighty! The extra-low center of gravity makes the HSD smooth and stable for riding with cargo and passengers alike. With convenient vertical parking for storage and the ability to fit in an SUVs or station wagon, it's truly a space saving, go-anywhere, do-anything cargo bike. The one size fits all easy-step frame design and comfortable upright position makes it a joy to ride. There are single and dual battery options, plus a variety of models to choose from to suit your style. Tern has every accessory you could possibly want, including the Storm Shield for inclement weather. 

    Shop the Tern HSD S+ here.


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