Top 3 Reasons NOT to Bike to Work

Top 3 Reasons NOT to Bike to Work

Top 3 Reasons NOT to Bike to Work

Changing your habits isn't easy, especially when it comes to something as integral to your routine as getting to work. Here are the top reasons NOT to swap your car for an e-bike commute, simple tips to overcome them, and (most importantly!) the greatest perks of riding happy to work.

1. Safety

The route you take by car may not be the safest by bike and almost certainly isn’t the most enjoyable! Scope out your route on Google Maps or Ride Spot to find options with less traffic and busy intersections. If you’re lucky enough to have a greenway or bike trail to hop on, that is a winning route! 

Safety Pro Tips: Wear bright clothing to stay visible, brush up on the rules of the road, and use your hand signals to communicate with others! 

2. Sweat

If the distance and hills turns your crisp work outfit into a sweaty mess or requires a shower and outfit change to be presentable, may we recommend adding a motor to the equation? The pedal-assist that e-bikes offer provides a constant tailwind, flattens the hills, and reduces the amount of effort required to get from point A to B. Less sweat AND more smiles! 

3. So much GEAR

Yes, there are TONS of gear, bags, and accessory options to prepare you for the ✨perfect✨ ride to work in every possible weather, distance, and situation the world may throw at you. But don’t let perfection (and a hit to your bank account!) get in the way of progress. Start small with the basics - a bike and helmet. Choose your commute days wisely, when the weather is good and you don’t have commitments that require hauling lots of stuff. Over time, you’ll learn what you need to optimize your experience, maybe adding a basket or panniers so you can pick up groceries or a rear rack to strap down your yoga mat. 

Gazelle Arroyo Commuter E-Bike Bike to Work Week

The Perks

Arrive refreshed and ready to take on the day. Exercise is a magical thing and even a brief pedal releases mood-boosting serotonin and dopamine. These lower stress levels and even improve cognitive functions like attention, memory and problem solving. Enjoy the benefits all day long! 

Connect with nature and your community. Exchange smiles and greetings with other commuters and happy dogs walking their people while basking in the birds chirping, flowers blooming, and seasons changing. 

Save time and money. You might be surprised how much time riding can shave off your morning commute if you battle traffic and parking! Reducing the amount money you spend on gas and maintenance (along with the leaving your legacy a little greener) is just the icing on the commuting cake. Learn how much you'll save and how to take the sting out of a new e-bike purchase here. Hint: it's $5,792 per year!

What is your biggest hurdle when it comes to e-bike commuting? We’d love to help find solutions! Come by our Hood River shop for a consultation or reach out for a consultation by

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