Riding Electric for the Planet

Riding Electric for the Planet

You may not have read all 728 pages in the Nobel Prize-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report, but the headlines are clear: many effects from climate change previously thought to be in the distant future (i.e. worsening food shortages, wildfires and widespread drought, among others) are now a reality in the much nearer term if the rapid changes to avoid 2.7 degrees of warming are not implemented.


News of this magnitude can be hard to swallow, let alone make sense of in terms of what to do as one individual. So we've taken one small piece of the puzzle to focus on here: reduce your carbon footprint by replacing your trips in a car with trips on an e-bike. The most compelling argument for doing so? Riding an e-bike is FUN, which means you'll actually do it!


If that hasn't convinced you yet, maybe these stats will...


  1. Riding daily with an e-bike instead of driving could save you upwards of $500/year on gas, not to mention savings on parking fees, road tolls and extra lattes to get you through that commute.
  2. With that savings, you will have also reduced your carbon footprint by 3,000 pounds of CO2 that you did not put into the atmosphere, equivalent to the amount of C02 absorbed by 62 trees annually.
  3. Add in the muscles you'll build with the extra exercise and the friends you'll meet along the way, and you've got a win for yourself and a win for the planet.


We're excited to be a part of this eRevolution and continue to see the far reaching positive impacts that are possible with e-bikes. With tomorrow being National Bike to Work Day, we can't wait to see you out riding!




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