Low, Mid, or High-Step: Which e-Bike Frame Style is Right for You?

Low, Mid, or High-Step: Which e-Bike Frame Style is Right for You?

Low, Mid, or High-Step: Which e-Bike Frame Style is Right for You?


There are three types of frames to choose from when deciding on your new e-Bike. While high-step frames have traditionally been considered for men and low-step for women, gendered bikes have become a thing of the past.  Every rider has different needs and you can ride happy on the e-bike frame style that works best for you. This Tech Tip Thursday, Jodie and Matt are here to reveal the highs and lows of each… 


Gazelle Medeo T10+ High-Step e-Bike

With a large front triangle and high standover height, the high-step has the advantages of a stronger, stiffer frame and more mounting options for accessories like bottle cages, frame bags, and locks. With a high standover height, you have to swing your leg over the top tube or saddle which you might want to avoid if you have mobility issues or plan to load up your rear rack with cargo. Check out the high-step Gazelle Medeo T10+ here.


Gazelle Medeo T9 HMB Mid-Step e-Bike

This hybrid-style is the middle ground between the high and low-step. It offers a strong frame along with the ability for even shorter riders to step through and hop on. Check out the Gazelle Medeo T9 HMB here.


Gazelle Ultimate T10 HMB Low-Step e-Bike

While it has fewer accessory mounting options and can be a little more challenging to balance by the handlebars when at a stop, this is the easiest for on and off maneuverability. The low-step is a great option if you’re a frequent stopper, carry lots of cargo, or have hip or knee issues. Check out the low-step Gazelle Ultimate T10 HMB here.

We have all styles and sizes at Oregon e-Bikes and you can view our in stock models right here at oregon-ebikes.com. We offer Ready-to-Ride shipping nation-wide so give us a call at 888.509.4210 and we'll help you decide on the e-Bike that’s right for you!

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