How to ride with your dog!

How to ride with your dog!

For our fellow dog-lovers, here are our top picks for bringing your four-legged friends along for the ride.

The Benno Boost E 10D

Want to ride in the snow? Benno has studded tires. Looking for a 1-kid + cargo setup, or 2-kids to the beach setup? Whatever your life goals are, Benno has your back. And that includes riding with your beloved pooch too. 

But don't just take Benno's word for it - OEB customer Carrie Yates put it to the test!


Riese & Müller Packster & Load e-Cargo Series

While Riese & Müller talks more about carting kids and cargo than dogs, the possibilities are endless with their front loading Packster and Load e-cargo bikes. For around town riding, nothing beats the Packster - and Jodie and Lily can prove it! If you're keen on off-road adventures with your pup, the full suspension Load is one of a kind. Pack up the tent, sleeping bag and dog food, and you're off.



And finally, the Burley Coho XC Trailer. We could go on and on about the cool factor of this off-road machine, but we'll let this video from OEB customers Steve and Donna do the talking...


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