E-Bike Review: iZip Tristar Plus e-Trike

E-Bike Review: iZip Tristar Plus e-Trike

E-Bike Review: iZip Tristar Plus e-Trike

A versatile electric three-wheeler that's easy handling and responsive! This E-Trike is perfect for running errands, going for a picnic or taking your pup for a ride. The large rear cargo basket, easy entry frame, thumb throttle option, and 3-speed drivetrain all make this electric trike a welcome member of the family. Lily the Pug gives it two paws up!

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The iZip Tristar Plus E-Trike has a super reliable 3-speed internally geared hub, a disc brake in the back, which is good for cargo, and a second battery battery carrier for extended range. This trike design has been around forever. It's super reliable and is great for people with mobility or balance issues or concerns.

I noticed I have a throttle. That's pretty thrilling. I also have pedal assist though.

So what to know about adult trikes, the hardest part about riding them is getting them started because they're big. So the throttle's nice to just to give you a slight nudge to get going, then the pedal assist kicks in shortly thereafter, just to  keep you going.

How many miles can I expect to get on a charge for this one?

I would say range with a single battery between 15 and 30, depending on how much you're asking of it. And on a trike that's like a marathon. That's a really long ways. And then I see I've actually got parking brakes. With bikes, if you're not holding them up they fall over because you've got two wheels, but a trike doesn't so you've got an integrated parking brake. 

This is super cool. Lily, are you still on? We're going, we'll see you later!

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