E-Bike Review: BULLS Copperhead Evo AM 1 and Aminga Eva TR EMTBs

E-Bike Review: BULLS Copperhead Evo AM 1 and Aminga Eva TR EMTBs

E-Bike Review: BULLS Copperhead Evo AM 1 and Aminga Eva TR EMTB  

Our BULLS Electric Mountain Bikes have arrived and we are stoked! Hit the trails on one of these sturdy eMTBs to ride laps until the sun goes down... and even after.

BULLS Copperhead EVO AM 1 $5,299

BULLS Copperhead Evo AM 1 EMTB

The freedom that comes from having all the bike you need right underneath you, being able to go anywhere you want, seemingly for as long as you want. 140mm of travel with Suntour Lytro 34 fork and Suntour Unair rear shock will give you max control. Shimano Deore 10-speed groupset lets you get the most out of the Gen4 Bosch CX motor and the substantial 203x180mm Shimano hyrdraulic brakes helps make sure those unexpected turns and bumps don’t inhibit the liberty of your ride. MonkeyLink Connect equipped*. (*Monkey Link lights sold separately). 

Shop the Copperhead EVO AM 1 here.

BULLS Aminga Eva TR $5,399


Yeah, it’s “girly”… if by girly you mean tough, powerful, gritty, smooth, reliable and fully capable of handling whatever gets thrown at her. The Aminga EVA TR is all these things, a complete eMTB, with a female-specific geometry designed to handle rollers and drops alike. The Bosch Gen4 CX motor and 625Wh battery deliver great torque and power to keep you riding as long as your legs want to. It’s equipped with 120mm of travel front and rear, courtesy of BULLS Lytro 34 air shocks. 180mm hydraulic disc brakes offer all the stopping power you need. Add a dropper post and a Monkey Link Connect system you’ve got your complete ride dialed in. 

Shop the Aminga Eva TR here.

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I'm Jodie, this is Bugs and we are here at Oregon E-Bikes with our new arrivals from BULLS. We've got the Copperhead and the Amiga Eva TR and we've kind of chosen our respective steeds here. Mine is an easy explanation. This is a women's-specific EMTB from BULLS and it's awesome that it comes in a very small size to begin with. This is a 41, also comes in a 44, just a really friendly, manageable ride, and also pretty powerful. It's got the new Gen 4 Bosch CX and a 625 watt hour battery so plenty of range for the trails. And then it's just a really comfortable ride for the recreational rider or somebody that's wanting to get their first foray into e-mountain biking. 27.5" wheels which is really nimble, which I appreciate on the trail.

And then one of the key things with both of these bikes that I think is super cool is the ability to throw these Monkey Link lights on there so you have a removable front and rear light. If you do want to use it as an around town, or you're staying out on that trail after hours just can't get enough. Are you going to beat that?

I love the monkey link. It's also on this Copperhead. I love this bike. Killer price point, $100 off right now. Awesome Shimano brakes, similar to Jodie's. We've got a great, super reliable 10-speed drivetrain, huge tank of gas, 625 watt hour battery, a Bosch performance CX motor, similar to Jodie's. So tons of capability on this bike. 140mm travel, a great get-your-feet-wet, Jack of all Trades, do everything eMTB. And again, with the lights, we can stay out as late as we want. And your favorite lime accents right there.

Give us a call or stop by today and we can get you out riding these BULLS Aminga and Copperhead.

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