Top 4 Car-Free (or CarLESS) Tips + Essentials

Top 4 Car-Free (or CarLESS) Tips + Essentials

Top 4 Car-Free (or Carless) Tips + Essentials

Celebrate Earth Month by driving less and riding more! It can be intimidating when you're just getting started and the best way to boost your confidence is with these safety and functional essentials.

1. Helmet 

We can't emphasize this enough: protect your noggin'! Consider replacing your helmet every few years and after any hard hits. 

We recommend the Abus Pedelec 2.0 Helmet for $159.99  - Super comfy, premiere protection with a bright, rechargeable light, and integrated rain hood!

2. Lights 

To see and be seen. Many e-bikes have integrated front and rear lights, but there are lots of easy-to-install options, too. 

3. Mirror 

Keep an eye on your six with a quick glance instead of risking a swerve to look over your shoulder. 

We recommend the Mirrycle Mountain Handlebar Mirror for $15.99  

4. Bags 

Getting your cargo off your back keeps you more comfortable and nimble on the bike. There are tons of ways to equip your bike with the bags, baskets, and panniers to suit your cargo-carrying needs.

We recommend the Ortlieb E-Mate Pannier for $160 - Waterproof exterior with a removable sleeve for an e-bike battery and a zippered lid pocket to stash small items. 

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