Back to School E-Bike Passenger Options

Back to School E-Bike Passenger Options

Back to School E-Bike Passenger Options

No matter how you feel about the kids heading back to class this year, dreading the drop-off line is a universal emotion. Here are a few e-bikes and accessories to load up your offspring, score cool parent points, and kick off the day Riding Happy. 

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1. Longtail or Midtail Cargo Bike

These bikes were built to haul the heavy loads in the back of the back. Each brand offers a variety of compatible accessories to customize as your family grows and needs change. On most models, start with Thule Yepp Maxi for your 1 to 6 year olds, Tern offers the Clubhouse+ for mid-sized kiddos, and mid-sized to grown ups can cruise in the Captain's Chair. Technically, you could drop them off at college and beyond... if they'll let ya!

You can also add a variety panniers, baskets, and racks to haul books, backpacks, lunchboxes, sports gear, and dioramas.

We recommend: 

Urban Arrow Family Front Loader E-Bike

2. Front Loader

You guessed it: the Front Loader carries your passengers... up front! While the size of these rides can be a little intimidating, once you hop on you'll find they're natural and easy to ride with a long wheel base and low center of gravity. When it comes to your kiddos (or furry friends!), the Front Loader is a great option if you'd like to keep an eye on them while you're making memories together.  

We recommend: 

Burley Bee Trailer

3. Any E-Bike Plus A Trailer

Turn almost any e-bike into a mini minivan by throwing a trailer on the back. With one- and two-passenger options that are safe, lightweight, and a snap to take it on and off, this is a great way to test whether going Back to School by E-Bike is a good fit for your family. (Psst... we think you'll love it!).

We recommend: 

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